A few thoughts about travel planning

1.) Whether is a long weekend of a three week vacation, for me the planning is as fun at times as the travel. I love learning about new places & things. But I also enjoy visiting old favorites!

2.) When it comes to travel with children, I believe in starting them young. My son’s first flight was at 2 months old and we really took advantage of those first 2 years of him being able to fly for free. That being said he’s awesome in the car as well often sleeping for 3+ hours depending on the trip.

3.) When planning a trip, try to consider something for everyone. I’ve done more research on playgrounds and their locations in the past two years then I ever expected. But I also have priceless pictures, video and memories of my son swinging for the first time in Sonoma, CA before we wandered around the time square checking out shops with my mom. This way everyone was happy.

4.) Try to give everyone a vote or a day that is based on their idea. This way they feel included and you might enjoying something that you never would have thought of. My parents gave us a vote when we were kids. When planning for the summer of 1986 my parents asked our thoughts and I kept repeating that I wanted to see the Statue of Liberty. I was 6, my sister and dad were a bit stunned at my idea but my mom pointed out that they didn’t suggest anything else so off to NYC we went. It was a fantastic trip that I still have strong memories off.

Published by threegenerationsoftravel

From a young age I've had a love of travel. Now as a wife, mother and daughter I am planning for three generations and am using this page to share some of my tips, insights and stories. Also check out my instagram to see some of our latest adventures!

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