Fall Travel – tips our most recent travels

In most of the Northern Hemisphere fall is in full swing. For me this year, this meant that I finally got to take a one of my “dream trips”. I’ve always wanted to go to New England in the fall and see the leaves. This may sound silly but I’ve always loved the different colors of fall and while the Midwest has some beautiful fall color, New England is known for it.

We just got back from Central New York and Western Connecticut. The main purpose of our trip was to visit the Roosevelt National Park sites in Hyde Park, NY and to visit family in Connecticut. Along the way we picked up a few tips to keep in mind…

1.) Roll with it – plans are fantastic, but there are times that they just don’t happen. We had made plans to grab some lunch right after leaving the airport and then drive up to Hyde Park. Less then 5 minutes after we got in the car, the 3 year old fell asleep. So instead of stopping, we drove until we were about 15 minutes from our hotel and then found a restaurant that worked.

2.) After a day of visiting sites and driving through the area, the last thing we wanted to do was get back in the car to try to find a place for dinner especially when we didn’t know the area. We also weren’t in the mood for what our hotel had to offer, so we DoorDashed our dinner. If DoorDash isn’t your preferred food delivery service there are plenty of other options, but it made life so much easier and the 3 year old had a lot more freedom.

3.) Make time for kids to be kids. Trust me, the whole family will be happier, especially if they get their wiggles out. Otherwise they will get bored, frustrated and make sure the whole world is aware of how they feel! My mom would much rather sit at a playground for a bit an allow my son to play then to have him fall apart later due to lack of freedom.

I hope these are helpful as you consider travels. What tips would you give when traveling with 3 generations?

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From a young age I've had a love of travel. Now as a wife, mother and daughter I am planning for three generations and am using this page to share some of my tips, insights and stories. Also check out my instagram to see some of our latest adventures!

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