Travel with toddlers part 2…

My other half had a few additional points to add on the topic…

It’s worth having a “travel stroller” which a) you expect the airlines to kill, yet b) has good carrying capacity to aide getting through the airport plus wherever else you are going on your travels. Being able to load up his one stroller like a packhorse has been so useful to us. Our first travel stroller was the type that the car seat locked into. As that one had been lovingly treated by the airlines, we continued to use it as an umbrella stroller for awhile. Our current travel stroller was a garage sale bargain. Either way still use a gate check bag for the stroller similar to the car seat.

As to packing, I’d almost say to pack “one more outfit per day than you expect to use”, rather than simply saying two. We’ve pack more than 2/day on several occasions and I don’t recall ever thinking we excessively overpacked for him. I’ll also mention having spare clothes for one or more of the parents in your carry-on for emergencies, rather than simply packing & checking the extras for the rest of the family. Especially for whichever parent is sitting by the child on the plane…

As we start getting organized for Thanksgiving travel we may think of more but that’s all for now!

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