Last weekend as an early birthday to my husband, my husband, son and I took a day trip to Lake Geneva, WI and visited Ice Castles. For those of you unfamiliar with Ice Castles, they have 6 locations across North America where they build impressive ice structures. We went right after a warm stretch so we were told it was a little shorter then planned but it was still quite impressive. I also understand its amazing to see it lite up at night but with a three year old during the day seemed better. They have ice slides and tunnels and places to climb.

My son spent a decent amount of time looking for Elsa which was pretty cute. He also definitely loved the slides. Just note the lines can be pretty long for the “big slide”. When we were there it was over an hour! Its definitely something I would recommend. Just make sure to dress warm and wear boots! Also buy your tickets in advance! They just added more dates so it goes through at least February 22nd now.

We didn’t just visit Ice Castles, we went first and looked at the lake (which is frozen) and had lunch. Also Lake Geneva had various snow sculptures as well that were left over from their “Winter Fest” so that was fun to see.

We did have to discuss the fact that sometimes there are places and events that don’t work for all three generations to attend. My mom is of an age that she gets cold easily enough that an afternoon walking through and playing in ice had no appeal. She loves Lake Geneva and if we go in the summer is happy to go and enjoy some #lakelife but in the winter there is definitely less that appeals to her. What are your favorite winter activities?

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