So I’ve been super quiet the last few months because it seems wierd to write about travel with everything that’s been going on. As most of you know the name for this page comes from the fact that my usual travel party consists of some combination of myself, my husband, our 3 year old and my mom. Due to who we live with and travel with all plans came to a halt.

Trips canceled: trip to MN for my nieces 4th birthday, cruise to Alaska/trip to Oregon to see a new state, trip to Banff, Calgary and Glacier National Park. Random other ideas thrown around…

Now I realize these a totally first world problems. Safety of my friends and family are my top priority. My sister and her daughters drove down a couple of weeks ago to visit with minimal stops as they had not seen my mom since January. I think part of what made it such a treat was the normalcy of the visit. For 3.5 months we haven’t been anywhere and haven’t really seen anyone. While it’s been lovely not commuting and I’ve enjoyed all the family time, especially everyone being home for dinner, it was so nice for my son to play with his cousins.

This morning as I looked at my planner I noticed for today I had a big sticker on top that said “vacation”, ironically I did take a vacation day today, but the reason is because I’m sitting down at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago because my 3 year old had his tonsils out. It seemed so strange, and yet so normal to drive into the city. The strangest part is how many places are still boarded up, and in some cases they may never reopen. Once at the hospital, after multiple COVID questions, getting our temperatures taken, and told that my son’s test did indeed come back negative, we sent to where we needed to go. While I totally understand the need for caution, it’s also a wonderful reminder that things are definitely “not normal”.

Does this mean I’ve given up all hope of travel, of course not, I would love to make plans, and have even tentatively booked a few things, but I also know that nothing is definite until a cure and/or vaccine is found. In fact, right now is a wonderful time to plan travel given some of the deals out there. United is offering flights with no cancellation fees if booked by the end of June and there are some great deals! You just need to look at your situation and decide what works for you. In the meantime our inability to do much over the past 3.5 months makes me realize how much I’ve started to take our ability to travel for granted. I think if nothing else I have gained a new appreciation for both the people in my life and for what we’ve been able to do! Has your point of view changed at all?

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From a young age I've had a love of travel. Now as a wife, mother and daughter I am planning for three generations and am using this page to share some of my tips, insights and stories. Also check out my instagram to see some of our latest adventures!

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